An Unbiased Witness

Rentals, leases, and even valets. Whenever you need an unbiased witness to protect yourself and your property, WalkAround is there to help.

Peace of Mind

Quickly and conveniently capture photos, videos, and comments, then upload them to the WalkAround servers. Stamped with time, date, and GPS location, each WalkAround is secure and legally defensible.


Photo and Video

Quickly and conveniently capture photo and video. Add comments to your WalkAround, and highlight areas of note.

Time and Date Stamping

Each WalkAround file is individually stamped with the time and date. What good is a photo if you can't prove when it was taken?

GPS Stamping

Each image and video is stamped with the GPS location, validating your WalkAround even further.

Cloud-based Folio

All of your WalkAround files are stored in a secure cloud-based server, complete with a system for non-repudiation. Meaning that your WalkAround files will hold up in a court of law.