Solarable Features

  • Solar panel or wind turbine current (amps), volts and power (watts)
  • Battery volts and available power
  • Electrical demand – current, volts, power
  • Mobile notifications and alerts – system health, low solar/wind generation and high demand
  • Battery lifetime cycles and lifetime cycle remaining
  • 72 hour solar budget prediction, based on weather forecast and usage history
  • A visual cue for the state of your solar or wind generator as the display-dial pulses different colors


Monitor Renewable Energy

Solar and Wind Generators are becoming more important as a reliable and renewable form of energy. However, there is currently no way to monitor these generators and provide information, and remote notifications, based on weather, generation and system demand.
The Solarable provides these indicators so users can reliably power their homes, tiny homes, RV’s, and remote pumps and motors. The Solarable can also send you alerts and in-app notifications based on changing weather forecasts, and power consumption and battery levels.

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Screenshots gallery

The Solarable mobile app enables you to monitor all the critical levels of your solar general anywhere, anytime.


Free Mobile App

We are going to simultaneously release a free Solarable mobile app that displays all this information in realtime. This app enables you to monitor all the critical levels of your solar general anywhere.

No More Guesswork

One of the biggest issues users face is having to guess if they have enough solar capacity to power their appliances throughout the day, based on their stored energy levels, use and weather.

Easy to Read LCD

Solarable has an easy-to-read on-board LCD Screen that displays your panel power, how much battery is available, and the current load and weather forecast.

Alerts & Messages

Solarable can also send you in-app messages based on the changing weather forecasts and power consumption and battery levels. For instance, when you go to work, you have no idea if your appliances will lose power because the batteries were drained while you were away.

Secure & Encrypted

Solarable provides a secure and encrypted connection directly from the user's phone via Wi-Fi. Like your mobile phone, the Solarable's firmware is updated over-the-air with the new features and patches, so your Solarable always stays current.

Optional Cellular Radio

Optionally, the user can have a Solarable with cellular radio, so data can be sent via cell towers if no Wi-Fi is available.