Rare Labs is on the forefront of native mobile app and game development. We have amassed a team of highly-talented iOS and Android application architects and developers, software business analysts, project managers, UI/UX and graphic designers, and 2D/3D artists in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Cutting-edge innovation, brand strategy, and unique marketing concepts are all a part of our transparent process at Rare Labs.


Design/Size/Estimate (40-80 hours)
• Client Engagement
• Wireframes (UI/UX), Work Flow, High-level Requirements, T/M


Statement of Work Execution

• Detail Requirements (User Stories) and Sprint Planning
• Finalize all UI/UX views, Web Services, Messenging
• Minimal Viable Product (MVP’s)
• Development, Test Plans, Publishing Strategy to the App Store, Social Media


• Complete Development, User Acceptance Testing
• Training and Deploy to the App Store and Google Play