Tech is evolving very rapidly, therefore, tech development techniques need to keep pace. A few times each month, we will be interviewing members of the Rare Labs team about their areas of expertise, and the latest trends in said areas.

This week, we’ll be discussing SCRUM. Not the free-for-all melee in a rugby match, but the software development methodology. SCRUM, much like its name implies, is a fluid and flexible methodology. It is unlike the traditional, lock-step, and sequential approach to project management and software development. Its agility and adaptability allow for teams to quickly respond to change, rather than being locked into a strict plan of action.

Here’s what our project manager, Katie Fissinger, had to say about how we use SCRUM and the Agile methodology at Rare Labs.

Do you know exactly how much value you delivered to your customers last week, month or quarter? Here at Rare Labs we do! We have the ability to measure our developer’s performance to gain end-to-end visibility from concept to product. At Rare Labs we employ the Agile/SCRUM methodology in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration. We promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development to ensure rapid and flexible response to Client needs. Using Agile/SCRUM, we have the unique ability to respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work and empirical feedback. We at Rare Labs love Agile because it provides us opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle.

As the Scrum Master and Project Manager at Rare Labs we implement Scrum into ten easy steps:
1. Create your backlog
2. Estimate your product backlog
3. Sprint planning/clarifying requirements
4. Sprint planning/ estimating tasks
5. Create a collaborative workspace
6. Start the Sprint!
7. Stand ups occur daily!
8. Track your progress with a daily burndown chart
9. Definition of done-done
10. Review, reflect, repeat…

We have found that the Scrum development process allows us a better workforce management. We especially enhance our customer and client relationships. Most importantly Scrum allows visibility into the entirety of the project management process. Through these processes it motivates and inspires us at Rare Labs to be Agile!

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