Lessons in IoT: First Things First

Your First IoT Device

Developing an IoT device can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time doing so. Last week, as a Platinum Sponsor of the Arizona Technology Council, we held a Lunch and Learn discussion all about developing and maintaining your first IoT device.

Lessons From Creating The Solarable

Using the Solarable as an example, Rare Labs Chief Architect, Gary Bennett, explained the step-by-step process of creating an IoT device. From determining your hardware and sensors, to security issues, to update options, Gary gave his suggestions based on his experience in creating the Solarable device.

7 Useful Resources & Tools

Along with the story of how the Solarable was created, Gary compiled a list of 7 useful resources and tools for first-time IoT developers.

  • Sparkfun and Adafruit are useful for IoT items, kits, and “getting started” videos
  • Digi-Key Electronics is useful for IoT items and parts
  • Lulzbot, the 3D printer, is useful for rapid prototyping
  • Thingiverse is useful for finding 3D printer files and web-based software
  • Fritzing is useful for breadboards, schematics, and PCB prototyping
  • Solidworks is useful for modeling, part fitting, and production

IT Managed Services

After creating your first IoT device, Day 2 can be a scary time. An IT managed services company such as Valor Global can help to mitigate this fear. These service companies help to expand and augment your existing IT staff, allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives, and provide the valuable Day 2, ongoing support that often goes overlooked.

Please feel free to download the full PDF presentation here: IoT Lunch and Learn

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8 to Glory at the PBR World Finals


8 to Glory Air Time Sweepstakes

Throughout the week before the PBR World Finals, players were challenged to score 90 points or higher on one of the toughest bulls in the game, Air Time. Each player with a successful 90-point ride was entered into the sweepstakes, the prize being a free ticket to see the PBR BFTS World Finals event in Las Vegas, November 6.

During the in-game event, there were over 400,000 rides, over 8,000 attempted rides on Air Time, 960 successful rides on Air Time, 621 qualifying rides on Air Time, and just 413 unique players that were able to cover Air Time for the required 90 points.

The PBR BFTS World Finals featured the world’s top bull riders and the rankest bulls – Air Time being one of the fiercest. As the culminating event of the PBR BFTS season, the World Finals can be likened to the NFL Super Bowl. The weeklong celebration and competition filled the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with fans ready to see the toughest sport on dirt. Courtesy of Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team and 8 to Glory, a handful of those fans were the hardcore players that landed the elusive 90-point ride on Air Time.

8 to Glory Air Time Bounty

Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team, the owners of the infamous Air Time, put out an 8 to Glory bull bonus. Any PBR rider to draw Air Time, and successfully cover the bull for the full 8 seconds, would win a cool $25,000 in cash. Even with top-tier rider JB Mauney drawing Air Time on the final day, no rider was able to take home the bonus. Air Time’s performance wasn’t enough to win the Bull Championship, but the bull closed out the season having bucked off every rider in under 8 seconds.

Game Updates

The 8 to Glory team spent the weekend cataloging even more riders for the game. Each rider is scanned using a state-of-the-art camera system. The images are then combined to create a realistic 3D model that mirrors the rider’s likeness. As we approach the 2017 PBR BFTS season, more riders, bulls, and events will be added to 8 to Glory.

For more about 8 to Glory, be sure to follow the official pages on Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t already in on the action, you can download 8 to Glory for free on Android and iOS.