The Road to Kickstarter and Crowdfunding

June 21, 2016 – We like to develop technology and solve problems. In fact, we like this so much, we spend our off time thinking about things that can make life easier, better, or simpler through technology. So over the past several months, we’ve been incubating some ideas that we feel could be really useful to a lot of people. We’ve put in time and resources to bring them to the R&D phase, and soon will start rolling them out to show the world what we’ve come up with.

One of the greatest things about creating technology products today is that you can easily test the market for an idea through crowdfunding. Many years ago, this wasn’t possible at all. You would build a prototype, bring it to a retail show of some sort and try to get buyers at a department store, or specialty retailer to carry your product.

Today, you setup a campaign and constantly update the community on your progress. Hopefully, the audience responds and really likes what you have to offer. The process is pretty big though.

These days, you need a solid product, a roadmap, all of your manufacturing and fulfillment costs factored. You also need a marketing and social media outreach plan, media plan, artwork to illustrate what your product does, and some amazing copywriting for your project page. That’s all before you even shoot your video to tell the world what you’re building, why you’re building it, and why you’re the ones to build it.

Most campaigns are 30 days in duration, but the ramp up is sometimes 2-3 times that much. Gathering all of the materials, tuning the messaging, and getting people to take a look so out of the gate you have momentum all take time. It’s not something you nonchalantly walk into and expect success.

So that’s where we are. In addition to our regular work at Rare Labs, we’re working nights and weekends on our first Kickstarter. It’s going to be a fun adventure no matter what happens and we hope you’re one of the first to back our project when it comes. We have to get back to work, but we’ll let you know how things are coming next week.